The Eye-Opening Moment

Its no secret this industry is shady. I didn’t know quite exactly how much, and I am actually still learning more everyday. I never planned to have my own supplement company; it terrified me. A few unfortunate events changed my perspective forever. It was when the CEO of one of the biggest and one of my favorite supplement companies today had given me some not-so-sound advice, to blatantly lie to my consumers to increase profit margins. He told me “Why would you play clean in a dirty game?” I knew at that very moment this is where I needed to be. So I created Superior Aesthetics against the grain. I quickly made my mission statement, “Quality, Integrity and Value.” We are, in good morals and faith creating sound supplements for our customers, giving them something to really stand for and to believe in. We are results driven, and are motivated by you, the people, and not motivated by profits. Doing the right thing, is cool. Being transparent in who you are and what you want in this life, is cool. Support, love and positivity is COOL. Living by the standards and perception of others, is not cool.#BeYOU #WithUS #SuperiorAesthetics Sincerely,Matthew The CEO